Monday, October 13, 2014

Intrepid Air and Space Musuem Overnight- Sat. Nov.1, 2014

Spend the night on an aircraft carrier docked in the Hudson River! On Saturday night November 1st we will be doing an overnight on the Intrepid. We will have dinner on the ship, followed by guided tours, a scavenger hunt on the flight deck, rides on a 3D simulator, snacks, and a movie. We will sleep on cots on the hangar deck among the aircraft and exhibits. In the morning we will have breakfast on board and then depart around 8am. Cost is $99.00 per person and each scout will get a goodie bag which includes a t-shirt and a patch. Space is limited so we are limiting it to scouts and their parent or guardian for now. The trip is filling up fast so if you are interested in joining us please sign up and make payment as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the trip or how to submit payment, please contact Franco Milio at

Monday, September 26, 2011

Group Popcorn-Selling Day

We will be selling Oct 22 and 23 (Sat, Sun), in groups at the A&P store on Central Ave. Starts 10am- 4pm each day. 
See your email for the Den assignments.

Popcorn Awards for the Boys!

Scouts and Parents:
Did you know that our Edgemont Scouts will get cool monthly Incentives for selling?

- Top 4 sellers in the Pack each month get a gift certificate to icecream or free pass to an upcoming event.

- Pizza party for the den with the highest sales/month

- Prizes at end of selling: 1) Value Cards at Amazon, Bestbuy; 2) Free Acarde Party; 3) The Blaster

Come to the Pack Meetings for awards announcements

Popcorn Tips #1

Scouts (and Parents):Popcorn selling is really easy - and the boys have fun.  Here are Key Tips for making it work:

1) Start early (September, not November!)

2) Get your paper sheet and keep it handy in the Kitchen

3) Walk up and down your street in your Scout Uniform (75% of homes will buy!)

4) Set up and Keep an eye on your Personal Incentive Target (for the monthly prizes!)
- Figure an average sale at $15
- Targets:  Super Hero: $1000+; Top 10 Scouts: $500+; Awesome Scout: $300

5) Ask friends and family to buy on-line - or you can do it for them!

6) Attend the A&P and Shop Rite days - sell with your den, in uniforms!

Email Mike with any questions:

Have fun!

Overview 1 pager on 2011 Popcorn Drive


Welcome to Popcorn Drive:  Today through Nov 6, 2011

Instructions and Key Info

Why we do it:  1) $5000 in funds for the pack, 2) Boys learn how to present themselves, 3) funding for National org.

How to do it:  1) Door to door, 2) A&P/ShopRite (Oct 22-23 tentative), 3) Website, 4) your own ideas 5) See the brochure

Personal Goals:  1) All boys should set up a Sales goal.  (Figure an average sale at $15).  2) Suggestions: Super Hero: $1000+; 2) Top 10 Scouts: $500+; 3) Awesome $300.

Incentives:  1) Top 4 pack sellers in Sept, Oct, Nov, and overall, 2) Pizza party for the Den with highest sales/month.

Prizes: 1) Value Cards!; 2) Free Arcade Party; 3) Blaster!

Pickup Popcorn: week of Sept 24th.

Tally Sheets: 1) Use the sheets to record sales; 2) Input totals into the website; 3) Bring Payment and Printout input sheets to Tally meeting on Nov 6th (tentative)

For more information contact:
Michael Darviche, at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Edgemont Pack 4 is now on Facebook!

Edgemont Pack 4 now has its own Facebook group. Search for "Edgemont Cub Scouts Pack 4" or go directly there by clicking:

Join the group and stay up to date on upcoming events, and browse through hundreds of photos from previous events. Make the group even better by uploading your own photos!

Note: This is a closed group so non-members cannot see any postings or photos. Click on "request to join this group" and you will be added in by an admin.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thunderbird Games Fast Approaching!

What is the Thunderbird Games?  It's when packs and their families from all over Westchester and Putnam Counties converge on Croton Point Park to enjoy an afternoon of fun games, activities and demonstrations.  Last year, the boys got to climb a rope bridge, use a flint to light steel wool (under supervision, of course!), race toy boats using lung power, race boy-powered chariots, use stilts, and shoot balloons with slingshots, among many other things!  There will be vendors selling food/drinks and Scout stuff.

When:  Saturday, October 15th
Opening ceremony:  11:30 a.m.
Games open:  12 noon until 4 p.m.
Cost:  $12/person (kids under 6 free); if you prepay you get a cool patch!
Location:  Croton Point Park (click on Thunderbird Games Guide for Units for directions and more info)

Scouts, please wear your uniform.  It will be breezy so everyone should have a light jacket.
To prepay, payment is due by Oct. 2nd (no refunds), payable to Edgemont Pack 4 and sent to:
Juan Roman
6 Thomas Lane.
Scarsdale, NY  10583

Any questions?  Please contact your den leader.